Sunday, February 3, 2008

I've Been Processing How God Is Revealed

God is always revealing himself. His creation reveals His majesty. Jesus reveals His great love. His people reveal His power.
I stood in church today and as the man directly in front of me put his hands behind his back, I noticed a tattoo on his wrist that said "Copeland." I realized that this man is one who recently lost his infant to Edward's Syndrome, and here he was, praising the Name of the Lord his God. God's power is shown through us whenever we praise His name. His power is shown when people who know death, continue to believe in life because of Jesus Christ. His power is shown when people who live in fear of extreme sickness hope in the Lord no matter the circumstances. . His power is shown when a person so far lost comes to know His far-reaching forgivness and then extends it to others. His power is shown when someone is so impacted by God's faithful provision that he risks his life to provide for others. His power is revealed when, in their grief, a person can say "I just want God to be glorified." Such was the case when Rick Burgess from the Rick and Bubba Show stood up to deliver the eulogy for his two year old son who trgically died in a drowning accident. What Rick has to say is amazing, because it comes from a place of extreme hope. It's not that Rick is so amazing, but that the God who lives in his heart has done a miracle inside him. God is doing miracles everyday, and sometimes we overlook them because they are our stories. Our lives. The miracles are in us.
Here is an excerpt of Bronner's eulogy given by Rick. To listen to or read the rest click here.
"If God asked me to give up a son so that some of you will live in eternity, it is well. But if God asked me to do this and if you remain unchanged, well that will break my heart. See, a lot of you are sitting here today and you’re thinking, you know, “What are you going to do as a family?

What do you do after something like this?” Sherri and I were talking about this. I looked at Sherri last night as we lay down for the evening and I told her this, cause this is really how my flesh feels, I told her this, I said, “I just want to go home. I don’t want to be here anymore.” I said, “I wish that all of us who love each other could just go to where Bronner is. I don’t want to be here anymore.” It’s not a great place. You know, things like this happen because we live in a fallen
On the show we deal with it all the time. People say, “Why would this happen? Why
would God do this? I thought God loved us.” Well, let me clear that up real quick for all of you, OK? See, I was a sinner and you were a sinner bound for the lake of fire. Everybody in here deserves to go to hell, every one of us. And God looked at us, we had the gulf of sin between us and He said, “They can’t come to me. I’ve got to go to them.” So He took on flesh of a baby, born of a virgin, and He put on flesh and He walked and He felt everything we feel. He was 100% man and 100% God. The reason why I’ve already had a time of weeping and there’s more to come is because He also wept, the human side of Him, when loved ones died. He also wept
when He saw people He loved choosing satan over Him. And He took on that flesh and He
suffered for you and He suffered for me. He suffered a gruesome, humiliating death because our sin is so nasty. And He died on that cross for you and me, and this is the part some of you need to get, when He didn’t have to. Some of you walk around like you had that coming. You didn’t have that coming. You don’t deserve that. I didn’t deserve that.
You had hell coming but He died for you anyway and He suffered for you anyway, when He didn’t have to. And then He defeated death and He walked out of the tomb on the third day to complete the job, ascended to
heaven, which is what I’m going to get to next, and is preparing a place for you, when He didn’t have to. So, can ya’ll give me a break on “I thought God loved us?” I think He’s on record for how much He loves you and how much He loves me. So don’t you ever take this situation and say, “I thought God loved Rick and Sherri and their family.” He does love me. That’s why He died for me. Anything else I get, I don’t deserve because I didn’t deserve that."

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