Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I love this month

Well, it's time to take the Christmas decorations down...*sigh*...so sad. But I love January! Here's why:

1. I love routine, so getting back into it will be nice.
2. January's stone is garnet. It's sooo be-yoo-tiful, and God made so many yummy flavors of it!
3. The time for long awaited winter season premiers.
4. My brother, Emet, and my birthday are all in January.
5. We might get a snow day! (image from flickr)

6. All the sales!!
7. My mom's garlic butter shrimp that she makes for me every year.
8. I'm doing a jewelry/art show with Seth to open for Andrew Osenga (Caedmon's Call) on January 31st.
9. Did I mention my birthday is this month? Yeay birthdays!
On January!!!!


CresceNet said...
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Courtney said...

Happy Birthday! Here's another great thing about January - it's pretty cold so it's a great excuse to stay inside and drink hot cocoa and read a good book.

Michael and Jana said...

Happy early birthday! I hope you get to celebrate all month long :)

Thanks for helping my sweet husband with my Christmas surprise. I love the earrings. I will wear them to CBS next time. They make me feel so pretty!

Amanda Conley said...

Courtney, I love hot chocolate and reading, so that IS a good thing!
Jana, I'm so glad you like those earrings! They were some of my favorites!
Oh, and I will be milking the birthday thing all month long! Ha HA! anything to get my hubby to treat me like a princess! (he usually does anyway, but still...;)

Vailmama said...

Next year, I want to have a Birthday Month. That is such a great idea for extending the best day of the year to a full month! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!!!!!!