Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Procrastination gifts

The time for ordering online is just about past (unless you do one or two day shipping) so I thought I would throw out my ideas for you procrastinators out there who need to run to the store and pick up that last minute gift for someone in your fam. If you don't live in Nashville, hopefully you have some of these stores in your area (that is of course assuming that someone is actually reading this blog.) Oh yeah, and for any family members reading this, don't worry, I didn't ruin your surprise. These are not what I actually got you for Christmas. You'll just have to wait to see what I've got for you under my tree..

Your Dad might appreciate this super cool watch from Rei. (It's on sale ,too)

Your mom might like a gift certificate to Ann Taylor Loft with the promise that you'll go shopping together after the holidays... or you could get her this cool sweater.

For your brother, a cool jacket like this brown puma cat from Buckle. (They have tons of jackets for sale at the store.)
And I'll bet your sister would love this shirt from Fossil.

Or this cute little hat.

Your hubby might like the Sopranos Season 1 Dvd set, or maybe he would like all the seasons.
For your grandpa, some comfy slipper socks from L.L. Bean.

For your grandma, a William-Sonoma soap/ lotion combo. Everyone needs soap! (and lotion;)

For the cook who has a life time of stuff in her kitchen drawers, I'm sure she can make room for these collapsible measuring cups.

I guess I'm assuming that people reading my blog are female, but if there are any husbands out there that happen to come across this post, here is something your wife might like: nifty dinnerware from Target.

Now, make up your mind to not be intimidated by all those nasty crowds out there and go get your shopping finished...Ahhh...It feels good to get all of that out of the way. Time to relax...


Vailmama said...

Or you could just boycott Christmas! Just kidding, I wouldn't do that. I love that super cute hat, and those dishes @ Target. I tend to buy all my dishes in white and then mix in some color (like the red vase). Maybe next time I have to buy dishes, I'll look for some colors!

amy stanfield said...

gosh, why come up with your own gifts when you have such a great list? ;) know i love turquoise!!

Amanda Conley said...

I wouldn't have even thought of this list if I hadn't gone shopping on Sat. with you!