Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Shopping

I have done most of my Christmas shopping already, but for some reason I keep looking and shopping in my head! I have found some really cool things, and if I could afford to get everyone a bunch of presents, I might choose these. But alas, I'm out of money. So I thought I'd pass them on to you. Maybe you'll find something that will delight someone special in your life.
I love these stitched storage suitcases. They come in red, blue and pink. (x-sm.$6.50, sm.$8.00, med. $10.00, Lg. $12.50)

The Diana Camera from the Paper Source ($55.00)

I have been searching for someone to give this super cool melamine lunchbox to. From Pearl River ($31.50)

This key chain tool is perfect for any outdoors man. From Rei ($17.95)

A couple of these teardrop diamond hanging vases ($4.95 each)

A set of these bud appetizer plates from CB2 ($2.50 each)

This Almost Vintage miniature radio from Sundance ($25.00)


vailmama said...

Women like keychian knives too.

vailmama said...

Oh, yeah, there are special edition White Stripes versions of the Diana (Meg's) and the Holga (Jack's). See here:

Amanda Conley said...

Your right about women...I guess when I said "outdoorsman" I meant the unisex version....if there is a unisex version.
And thanks for reminding me about the Jack and Meg cameras! I saw them on their website not too long ago and thought of my dear sweet husband, but the forgot all about them!