Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Since Kaleb turns 11 today, I thought I would write 11 things that I love about him.

1. He loves to read and he goes through at least one novel a week.
2. He stands up for kids that are being made fun of at school.
3. He knows more about animals than I do.
4. He has confided in me that his goal is to get a full scholarship to collage.
5. He loves God and he is always asking questions and reading his Bible to further
his knowledge about who God is.
6. He loves his brothers.
7. He has listened to me read out loud: several Alice in Wonderland books
(two by Lewis Carrol and at least three by other authors), six Harry Potter books,
The original Peter Pan, The Chet Gecko Series, The Hardy Boys, Eragon, The first
four Chronicles of Narnia, and lots and lots of other books.
8. His job is to feed the dogs and he does a great job.
9. We just received his achievement test results and he scored well above advanced
in every single category.
10. He has been faithfully practicing his saxophone and he is getting better and
better at it.
11. He loves our family and he prays for us almost every day.
Well, there's eleven things. I know I could think of a lot more. I love Kaleb so much, not just for his achievements (but I am proud of those) but because I know his heart. He desires to be the man God made him to be and to get to see that worked out in his life on a daily basis is such a huge blessing for me. I love you Kaleb!


Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

happy birthday kaleb! hope you have a fun day!

JoanDel said...

I love you too, --Mimi

Michael and Jana said...

These are qualities I pray that my little boy will possess one day. Thank you for being a great example to others, Kaleb.

vailmama said...

He is SUCH a good example to other kids!