Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Help! Monkeys gone bananas!

Photo from flickr
My monkeys are going nuts today. School is right around the corner and they are definitely ready for it! I need something for them to do before they literally climb the walls and hurt themselves really bad. Our car is in the shop today, so going somewhere is out. The heat index is 110 degrees, so I don't blame them for loudly protesting at the suggestion they go outdoors. All they want to do is watch TV or play video games which I have already had to ground my middle child from because of the amount of complaining that he has been doing when he loses or can't advance in a game. AAAhhhh! I am exasperated.

Maybe we can find a "cure" for this boredom in one of my all time favorite children's books Mrs. Piggle Wiggle about a quirky little woman who lives in an upside down house and understands children so well that she can cure them of all their ailments including fighter-quarrelitis and the talker-backer disease. I may read it to them again today.

Or we could play this Family Fun Game from Cranium. This is not your ordinary children's game because it's fun for even "big kids" too! This might be good today. Any more ideas? I still have Thursday and Friday left in the week, too.

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Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture from our hs reunion. Well, I actually have a hard copy, but not the digital & I don't have a scanner! I'll show it to you sometime.

I've been loving my earrings!!