Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Handbags

I have been purse hunting because my everyday purse had a sippy cup leak all over it and now it is two different colors and not pretty. I really need a purse large enough to carry diapers and all the accouterments of motherhood, but I really love these (above) from Marion Marie and those (below) from Daphne at Etsy.


Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

Oh, I love Daphne's! I'm also in the same mindset. I'm no longer needing a Diaper Bag, but need something larger than a little purse. This morning, I'm working on a tote. HOpefully, if things go well, it will be finished today!

Amanda Conley said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see your finished bag!

Jenny said...

those are fabulous - i have a serious love of bags and purses, so my mouth is like watering over those pictures. good luck finding the perfect one! :)