Friday, June 22, 2007

100 Things About Me

So, I haven't been tagged to do this or anything but I have SO enjoyed reading other's 100 things that I decided to write my own. I first read 100 things about this girl, and don't even know her, but I was really interested by her 100 things. Then Carrie and her husband Lance wrote theirs and I laughed the whole time. I thought it would be fun to try and think of 100 things about me. So here goes:
1. I love lists.
2. I like to play Scrabble.
3. I'm a sore loser.
4. My favorite color is green.
5. When I was little I thought I would own a red convertable Cabriolet when I grew up but my first car was an Oldsmobile Cutlass that stalled at every light.
6. I also thought that I would run an orphanage.
7. I daydream all the time.
8. Sometimes I have 5 or 6 daydreams going at the same time and I get confused about which one I'm trying to think about the most.
9. I think I could have been a professional skier had I only been given the opportunity.
10. I tried out for track in junior high but didn't make the team.
11. I dance for my kids and it makes them laugh.
12. I love love-stories.
13. I watch too much T.V.
14. I like to give myself pedicures.
15. I am terrified of chiggars.
16. I don't like heights; not because I think I will fall but because I'm afraid I might accidentally jump.
17. Mangoes are my favorite fruit.
18. I have eaten the same breakfast every single morning for almost two years: Kashi GoLean Crunch with blueberries and coffee.
19. If I didn't have kids I would live in a downtown loft.
20. I'm glad I have kids.
21. I wish I didn't have so much stuff.
22. I love to read.
23. I read the Bible every single day.
24. I use my fingers to add and subtract.
25. I love jewelry.
26. I really want to do more traveling around the world.
27. I never liked spicy food until I got pregnant.
28. I like to get dressed up occasionally.
29. I like things to be well organized.
30. I might be a hypochondriac.
31. I have practiced trying out for Saturday Night Live in the mirror.
32. When I was little I would go out in public with my blanket on my head and say my name was "Mary".
33. I made my sister eat a booger one time; I said it was a vitamin.
34. I'm paranoid about getting too much sun on my face.
35. I love back massages.
36. I can only talk on the phone for more than a couple seconds with certain and very few people.
37. I like to go spalunking.
38. I have gone cliff diving.
39. My bed time is usually between 10 and 10:30 p.m.
40. Stomach viruses really freak me out.
41. I do thirty minutes of kickboxing or other aerobics and 30 minutes of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga almost every day.
42. I live in a 1930's English Cottage.
43. I have made all of the curtains in my house.
44. I love to eat seafood.
45. I start feeling bad (physically and mentally) if I skip more that three days of exercise at a time.
46. I have to have fruit or vegetables at every meal.
47. I love spending time at my mom's house.
48. I feel good about having a clean house, but the actual act of cleaning makes me feel anxious. I think it's because I know it's going to get dirty again in the next 5 minutes.
49. I have a hard time choosing.
50. But I like to be in control.
51. There are days when I am a complete contradictory mess!
52. I cook a sit-down dinner for my family on most nights.
53. I prefer to make lunches for my children instead of letting them eat at the school cafeteria.
54. When I write a to-do list, I break down large tasks into small bits so that I'll get to cross off a lot of things.
55. Crossing things off makes me happy.
56. I love it when my kids are clean.
57. I floss.
58. I read every night before I go to sleep.
59. The first time I used a torch in my jewelry making, I was scared.
60. Sometimes I get on myself's nerves.
61. I am generally very happy with the way my life has turned out.
62. Although I desperatly need a vacation.
63. My husband and I had to stay in youth hostils during our honeymoon (long story).
64. I have been over-seas twice.
65. I used to draw and cut out my own paper dolls and clothes to fit.
66. I have an extensive rock collection that I started when I was ten.
67. I can play a little bit of piano.
68. I sang with four different bands when I was younger.
69. I can carry a tune but I can't project my voice very well.
70. I am a perfectionist.
71. Many times I notice the jewelry someone is wearing before I recognize their face.
72. My husband remembers what I was wearing the first time he met me and I barely remember that.
73. But I DO remember when I first noticed HIM.
74. I worked a United Colors of Benniton but I quit after I had suspicions that the manager was re-selling his old Benniton clothes.
75. I planned my wedding in four days. Not for any reason, mind you, we just really wanted to get married.
76. When I gave birth to my last child, my husband, my mom, my sister and my best friend were all there. It was like a party in the hospital!
77. Having the hic-ups makes me angry.
78. I love magazines for the pictures and the way they smell.
79. I never spent very much time on a computer until this year.
80. I love people that can make me laugh.
81. I know a few really funny jokes and a lot of really stupid ones.
82. Too much noise causes my brain to shut down.
83. I love to pretend I'm an art critic.
84. I love live music, but I hardly get to see any.
85. I love to go to IMAX movies.
86. I like getting presents.
87. I like giving presents even more.
88. I decorate a lot for Christmas.
89. I hate my vacuum because it's a bagless and I'm paranoid about inhaling poisonous particles so I make my husband empty it.
90. I feel better after I cry.
91. I barely wear any make-up, although I love shopping for make-up.
92. I love having curly hair, but it's annoying to fix.
93. I suffered a major head injury in high school.
94. A lot of people think I am taller than I really am. (A result of good posture perhaps?)
95. My defense mechinism is to stop talking or to go to sleep.
96. My husband makes me feel like I am the most beautiful woman in the whole world.
97. That is one of the reasons I married him.
98. I made my husband's and my wedding bands.
99. My favorite coctails are a bloody mary with three olives and a gin and tonic with lime.
100. If I start a video game, I get addicted, so I try not to start any.

Well, there it is. If I had 101 and one things on my list I would probably add that I am not always a good speller and since this spell check feature is currently not working you may notice this. So, sorry.
Oh, and I tag Kristen, Amber, Andrea and Jenny.


Jenny said...

Nice list! I am very familiar with the fear of involuntarily flinging myself from a high spot just because I can, not so much of falling. It's a weird thought, isn't it? Anyways, I'm slowly constructing my list in my head...I love reading these, too! :)

Amanda Conley said...

I'm glad you told me that. I always thought I was normal but I have told other people about my fear of heights and just recieved a blank stare, and crazy people always think they're normal...
So you have eased my fears! I AM normal!...or maybe we're both crazy...
Can't wait to read YOUR list!

Melissa said...

I love reading these lists! I thought it would be hard to make my own, but it has been easier than I thought...maybe I am a bit self-absorbed? :) Thanks for posting!

Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

60 & 31 - Ha Ha!
33 - GROSS!!!
And I add and subtract on my fingers too! Great list, Amanda! So much fun to read. I'm glad we're friends, too.