Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My artist statement

Thanks for your opinions! (I could still use more although I have whittled it down to 7) I wrote my artist statement yesterday, so I thought I would post it today. O.k. here goes...

I love making jewelry. Working with metal stirs up a passion in me because metal generally seems hard and unbreakable, but the more I work with it, the more I see it as quite the opposite. My pieces are very organic. I love the fluidity and grace of a not quite perfect line and the mystery of a dark patina. It reflects the beautiful reality of life. I have also been exploring an a-symmetrical element in my designs that also speaks of true life and to who we are as humans.
As an artist, a mother and the wife of an artist, I know that sometimes inspiration can be scarce during the moments that one is seeking it the hardest. I have found that I am most inspired when I shift my focus from seeking inspiration to giving inspiration by stirring my children and the people who view my work to love and to have hope. It is when I am pouring out that I am filled. I use a lot of imagery from nature to evoke this sense of beauty, hope, peace, joy and love. I also enjoy using words to convey these things in my pieces. I hope that this inspiration can pass on to the wearer of my jewelry which can then bless the people that they come in contact with, creating a beautiful chain of inspiration and blessing.

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