Sunday, June 15, 2008

Short Dark Nails

I was inspired by the cover look of the most recent issue of Domino. I loved the polish (which you can't hardly see in this pic, go here to see it better) on her nails and I even just bought a yellow dress! I'm a total copy-cat. (O.k. I actually bought the dress before I got the magazine, so I'm really only a semi copy-cat.) I don't know if my polish color is the exact same as hers, but I picked up some OPI "Suzi Says Da!" and I'm really pleased with the maroonish brown. Same effect I think.


Vailmama said...

Love the OPI color! I'm also loving yellow lately. I think it looks good on us. (It's so nice for me that we look so much alike because I get to see [on you] how things would look on me.)

Jana said...

Love the color. In fact, I think I will be a copy-cat myself and go buy something similar. Thanks for the idea!